About Us

NEATO Employment Services is a specialist regional Job Services Australia provider, delivering employment services to employers and jobseekers. NEATO's services include; skills and personal development, job search and career management assistance, post placement support for both job seekers and employers and a full suite of employer focused recruitment services from pre-screening, interviewing, and reference checking to specialised skills training and organisation of pre-employment medicals and inductions.

NEATO began operations in North Queensland in 1986 and expanded to the Burdekin and Whitsunday areas in 1994 and 1995 respectively. From 1999 onwards, NEATO has expanded its services to numerous towns covering the majority of regional Northern, Central and Southern Queensland.

Our success is achieved through a relentless focus on the provision of personalised, professional and quality service to employers, jobseekers and community alike. NEATO are an equal opportunity employer with staff from diverse backgrounds. Many possess specialist industry and academic qualifications along with wide ranging life experience. Combined with a focus on employing people with vast local knowledge, the company is able to tailor its services to meet the requirements of all employers and job seekers

The benefits of using NEATO Employment Services

As an employer or jobseeker you are assured of a professional, personalised service, tailored to meet your particular needs.

  • We supply a FREE, timely and efficient recruitment service.
  • Employers spend less time recruiting employees.
  • Job seekers are career developed and marketed by fully trained, professional staff from a variety of industry backgrounds. This ensures that there is a knowledgeable employment service and advice for all industries.
  • Employers have a greater selection of suitable applicants.
  • Confidentiality is assured as Employment Services legislation, along with the Privacy Act and Code of Conduct set by the Federal Government, provides us with the opportunity to ensure complete confidentiality if you require.

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Whether you are an employer or eligible jobseeker, NEATO's services are completely free of charge.

Company Policies

Please see our company policies.

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POL-029 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

POL-013 NEATO Quality Management Policy