Job Seekers

NEATO Employment Services recognises the importance of assisting eligible job seekers through the employment stages. The first step in this process is for our specialist employment teams to get to know you. From here we will build on your current strengths, skills and abilities all the while providing you with career development, support and mentoring (both during and after you gain employment):

Our fully trained staff will provide you with one on one and group interviews in order to create you an individualised plan to employment.

Tailored support services to our job seekers include:

  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Training in:
    • Motivation, work ethics and job searching skills
    • Interview skills
    • Vocational training with partnered educational facilities
    • Creating clear pathways to employment, vocational or non-vocational activities


  • Referrals to community organisation where the need arises including but not limited to:
    • Mental health professionals
    • Child care facilities in your area
    • Substance abuse professionals.


What can NEATO Employment Services do for you?

NEATO Employment Services is an employment and training company that provides individual and proactive services to eligible jobseekers.

NEATO Employment Services has multiple agencies in Queensland which provide job opportunities for our eligible clients. These occupations and industries can include retail, hospitality, engineering, clerical, mining, construction and rural. Click here for contact details of your nearest NEATO office.

Our Employment Consultants and Recruitment teams work in partnership with our clients to assist you in every step of the way, including:

  • Matching you to vacancies both locally or in an area of your choice
  • Encouraging you to complete your own job search and to actively participate in job searching activities
  • Assistance with written applications and interview techniques
  • Access to resources as required
  • Information about traineeships and apprenticeships… and more.

To find out if you are eligible, call your nearest Neato Employment Services agency on Ph: 1300 795 555

What happens after you gain work?

Just because you have gained work, it doesn’t mean that our job ends there. For the first 6 months our dedicated team will provide you with post placement support to guide you through what can sometimes be a daunting period. At times, all you need is a helping hand and our supportive staff will be able to provide you with professional advice to assist with the transition from unemployment to employment. After all, we want to help you to find mind meaningful work which will see you stay in that role long term,